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When teachers partner:




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When schools partner:




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Partnership in New York City Links:


Intermediaries in New York City - this is a listing of Gates sponsored intermediaries in New York City, which found new small schools in partnership with the NYC DOE.


Gates sponsored evaluations of some of the above mentioned  intermediaries, these reports compliment the New Visions reports linked above.



Partner Support Organizations - the July 2007 reorganization of NYC DOE's governance structures brought new private sector partners into the school support/governance realm. Interestingly, some of these organizations such as New Visions for Public Schools and Replications, Inc. also act as intermediaries. This means that they both channel foundation money to schools, while, at the same time, schools pay them for their support - a complicated relationship indeed!


An overview of partnerships and the new small schools movement in New York City (AKA a doctoral students attempt to understand the phenomenon):


Partnerships and the New Small Schools Movement.doc



A breakdown of the % of schools citywide, and which kind of School Support Organization they chose. Also, a description of the different kinds of School Support Organizations in New York City: Empowerment Support Organizations, Learning Support Organizations, and Partner Support Organizations.

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